Getting the Right Haircut

Hair cut isn’t just significant for girls. It is way much important for us boys! No Kiddin’! Having the right haircut is a crucial element to looking good, and if we look good, we gain confidence.

Here are the tips I could share in getting the right haircut:

  1. Choose the right hairstyle- we all have different types of hair so we have to be realistic in choosing the haircut we can style that suits our type of hair. It is important that we know what works for us. We can get inspiration from our favorite celebrities.undercut-hairstyle
  2. Bring a style inspiration- hairstylist are experts and it will be better if show them our hairstyle inspiration.
  3. Ask your hairstylist- if you are not confident in choosing the hairstyle for you, do not be ashamed to ask your hair stylist. They know what looks good on you and what is manageable for you to style on your own.10665379_10152889519990645_6256156138113329182_n
  4. Hairstyle Maintenance- how long would you like to keep your hairstyle? Inform your hairstylist so they get to tell you when to come back for a trim.10991083_10153133540060645_1784158883658103121_n
  5. Proper hair care- shampooing your hair isn’t enough. A well-groomed guy should know that giving our hair proper care is very important. Keep your hair moisturized not only by using conditioner but also naturally letting it moisture. Not using shampoo for a day won’t kill you so give your hair a rest, wash it with lukewarm water to wash away the chemicals from hair products you use for styling.11026122_10153282255745645_6234304696971962284_n


11060250_10153180801155645_3265599252387593241_nGuys.. We should all know that there is a fine line between looking sexy and looking young from looking like someone who can’t take care of himself. Look for a hair salon that you can trust. For me, I got Jing Monis Salon and their professional stylist to keep me well groomed.

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