My life off camera Part 1

As an Entrepreneur, I am mentored by friends that are guiding me with the businesses I am into.  It is important that you listen to other people’s suggestions and opinions so you get to learn from their experiences.

I have gained business knowledge and confidence with my partners, Eric Chua and GP Reyes. They are my partners in 71Gramercy, Valkyrie, The Palace Pool Club and Naya Café.  When they introduce me in the clubbing and restaurant business, I wasn’t hesitant to try because they have fully explained and shared with me how it works. As a businessman, you should be willing to learn and to take risk.

Conceptualizing clubs is challenging because as they say, clubs life span reaches only 3 years, so far 71Gramercy is doing really good. I think it is a huge factor that 71 is located on a well thought of location. This is by far the only club and restaurant placed on the tallest building in the country. It offers breath taking night view of the cityscapes of the metro, really good food by Chef Carlo Miguel, great ambience and great music.



Valkyrie is currently the biggest club in Asia, it can accommodate up to 2500 people, the set up really is something you can’t find in any other clubs, the interior is white, spacious and has private rooms at the second floor which we call skyboxes, the ambience is sophisticated, very neat and clean venue.


The Pool club is the very first club that has a pool in the metro.  The floor area is also big and is perfect for Filipinos because we all know summer in the Philippines is endless. Just recently we opened the The Pool Club as early as 11AM, we offer really good food, great music and accommodating staff.


I gained so many inspirations from Sam Versoza and RS Francisco the owners of the most trusted multilevel company, Frontrow. They used to sell construction materials, worked hard in that field, became the best agents then came up with a business idea. The money they saved they used as capital to put up Frontrow and continuously share this business with many Filipinos. They start small and now they earn big.


I am thinking on exploring other businesses in the future, like investing in a beach hotel, putting up a Brazillian restaurant and hopefully to have my own clothing brand. I am so inspired to work hard and be a better person each day, and to focus on my goals and celebrate life.




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