Random Thoughts: Traffic Stress


Things don’t usually go the way we wanted it to be, there are a lot of stress factors we encounter everyday which affects our mood, and emotions and sometimes causes physical stress.

Traffic in EDSA is one thing that changes our mood. I’m not the only one who gets irritated everyday because of that. If I get stuck in traffic, my appointment on that day isn’t the only thing that is affected but also my mood and it tires me.

But I have learned something while contemplating on what possible solution is there for EDSA.

I cannot choose what happens everyday, these are external factors that is beyond my control, so I thought of some other things that I can do which I have control of.

I learned to easily switch my mood whenever I feel irritated, I learned to appreciate other things that I have now and be thankful about it. When stuck in traffic, I read inspiring articles, I read book about business or sometimes I sleep so I get to rest.

Now going back, have I thought of something to solve the traffic? I am not an expert but as observed in other countries I’ve been to, I think it will help if public transportation like buses and jeeps have separate pick up and drop off point on an assigned period of time and be strict in accommodating numbers passengers. I’ve seen overcrowded buses and it is not safe.

How bout you guys? what are your thoughts on this? What possible solutions do you have in mind to resolve EDSA Traffic?

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