Tips to get you motivated

No matter how busy my schedule is, I make sure I get to work out, because if I don’t I would feel more tired.  Because most of my days are pretty hectic, I searched for articles that might give me tips and workouts I could do at home.


I compiled some of the tips that I set as my motivation and I will be sharing these with you in this post.


1, Get fit from the inside first– You have already set your goal that is why you are working out. But before you check on the physical development, it is also important that you focus on how does your work out make you feel.  It is important that after you exercise you feel lighter, healthier and energized.


2. Make exercise a daily routine- Exercising doesn’t require going to the gym or training hard. If your busy schedule has already taken over your workout routine, make sure you at least do something that makes your muscles move and make you sweat.


3.  Your body and mind should coordinate- There are times we don’t feel like working out. When katamaran stikes, it is our mind suggesting that, but our body yearns for movement so we set our mind that we have a goal to reach and start moving our muscles. Remember even a simple workout will do something to change our body.


4. Work more muscles- if your goal is to tone that body, work more muscles. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks and squats are example of exercises that does compound movements.


5. Be disciplined with your diet- some people create or consult a diet plan, why? Because it is important in the process of loosing weight, burning belly fats and achieving your goal to a healthier lifestyle. No matter how much workout you do, if you overeat and cheat with junk foods, all your efforts will be sabotaged.


6. Do what you love- working out is like LOVE, you have to find for your match. If an exercise doesn’t work, try something else until you find the right workout that you will enjoy, once you found it, you gave yourself an assurance that you will be fit as long as you make it your routine. If you think the gym isn’t for you, find yourself a sport that you will enjoy.


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