Fabio Ide (born December 26, 1983) is a Brazilian-Japanese celebrity based in Manila, Philippines. A son of a Brazilian mother and a Japanese father, Fabio studied Marketing at Mackenzie University in São Paulo. Because of his distinct look, Fabio was able to launch an extensive career living in 13 countries all around the world, such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, USA, and South Africa.


In 2006, Mercator, the prestigious artist and modeling agency, chose Fabio as its first model to be flown to the Philippines.  Soon enough, he was being offered jobs in television shows, dramas known as teleseryes and films.


In 2009, he was given a prominent role as a co-host of Comedy Bar, a weekly Saturday night program, which became the ultimate comedy experience starring comedic veteran Allan K and the award-winning actress Eugene Domingo. With Fabio’s natural quick wit and comedic timing, he was able to stay on as host for almost two years.


Fabio got his big break in cinema when D’Survivors, an independent comedy directed by Adolf Alix Jr was released on April 28, 2010. It featured himself and other Brazilan-Japanese (Brapanese) models, Daniel Matsunaga and Akihiro Sato. The month following his big debut, he starred in a romantic comedy together with that year’s hottest love team, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. In 2012, he also played a vampire in Regal Films’ Shake, Rattle and Roll 14, directed by Chito Roño. This was immediately followed by, Ang Huling Henya, an independent action- comedy directed by Marlon Rivera, where he played Yllana, a secret agent from an international organization aimed to protect scientists and inventors. Fabio’s most recent film release is this year’s Flying Kiss, an independent film written and directed by Crisaldo Pablo advocating awareness about tuberculosis.


Fabio has appeared in many different programs aired by the network GMA 7 such as Sarap Diva, My Beloved, Andres de Saya, Ang Yaman ni Lola, Dwarfina, Tweetbiz, Coffee Prince and the most recent, Mundo Mo’y Akin. For ABS-CBN and TFC, he hosted a travel show called Bisita. Other appearances include, Showtime, Gandang Gabi Vice and KrisTV. He also has a game show going on its second season for ViVaTV called Dobol or Samting.


A self-proclaimed “Brapinoy” (Brapanese-Pinoy), Fabio can now speak and converse fluently in Filipino aside from English and his native tongue, Portuguese.  After over 4 years of living in Manila, he has fallen in love with Philippine culture and is happy to pursue his favorite activities and sports here.


Together with some friends, he has ventured into his first business, 71st Gramercy, the hottest nightclub on the top floor of the tallest building in the metro, which opened just this year. A hands-on businessman, he hosts a weekly event Electric Runway, the official models and celebrity night at 71 Gramercy.


Fabio is currently being managed and represented by Mercator Artist and Model Management, together with Viva Entertainment.


After traveling for over eleven years in thirteen countries, Fabio has found a home in Manila. Amidst hectic shooting schedules, and flying all over the world for numerous jobs, Fabio remains the same simple guy that left São Paulo back in 2003, a risk-taker and adventure seeker, making his dreams a reality.

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  1. i’m a big fan of fabio and i’m looking forward to meeting him personally, a day with fabio ide 🙂

  2. hi fabio im ur fan here in saudi arabia ive been following you in IG and in facebook…i really love that your very cool and down to earth to us your fans, i noticed it when im watching your show in dobol or somthing in viva tv..god bless…i hope i can have your fan sign…still waiting for it….#iamabigfunormrfabioide

  3. hope u will have more BLESSINGS FABIO…GOD BLESS U! kasi ur cheerful attitude is so contagious…pwede pa po ba pa fan sign yung anak ko???


    kung busy ka…ok lang din, will just be grateful if mapansin mo message na ito…just God Bless, continue being a nice guy! saw in CEBU pala!

  4. I was basically attracted by your looks. You’re funny (good sense of humor), smart, and adventurous. But When I found out that you’re also a business minded person.. you totally got me. such an ideal guy!
    Well, I’m just so happy that I’m a fan of yours. I wish you more success in life and stay healthy. God Bless

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